Dr. Houtmeyers is specialised in transgender surgery, and performs male-to-female surgery. He was trained by Prof. Dr. S. Monstrey in the University Hospital of Gent. He performed during many years transgender surgery in Gent. From september 2014 he's only performing transgender surgery in AZ Nikolaas (Sint-Niklaas, between Antwerp and Gent) and not in the University hospital of Gent anymore.  Since it's very important for Dr. Houtmeyers to perform a personal and individualized treatment for each patient. Operations are performed in AZ Nikolaas.



Different techniques depending on the amount of breast tissue are used to perform a mastectomy with the least visible scar. Clinical examination is necessary to determine the best technique for each patient individually. 




Male-to-female transgender surgery is also performed by Dr. Houtmeyers. A vaginoplasty technique is used by which an natural vagina (appearance and sensation) is created allowing sexual intercourse. For more information you can always contact Dr. Houtmeyers. 

Breast augmentation

Silicone or saline filled prosthesis are used to perform breast augmentation. Each patient is treated individually: size, incision, position and type of the prosthesis,... is chosen depending on the patient's desires and characteristics. A thorough examination is performed by Dr. Houtmeyers to chose the best solution in accordancy to your desires and wishes.

Speech therapy

By following speech therapy a great change in the voice can be obtained without surgery on the vocal cords. Within our team we work together with our speech therapist, Ms. Van Mulders. She's performing great work for transgender patients who are willing to change his or her voice. You can always contact Ms. Van Mulders for an appointment: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. maakt gebruik van cookies. Door verder te surfen gaat u expliciet akkoord met het gebruik van deze cookies.